Peter Barr


Professor of Art History Peter Barr teaches many of the Studio’s art history courses as well as two of the foundations courses and the Junior portfolio course. He also enjoys teaching one of the four courses in the University's Liberal Arts Studies program.

You can read Peter's teaching statement here


Robert Conlon

Graphic Design

Associate Professor of Art Robert Conlon teaches graphic design and digital art. His background in advertising injects professionalism and experience into his design classes. A former rock musician and practicing theologian, he continues to have a wide range of diverse interests that include haiku, Bob Dylan, and Godzilla movies.

You can read Robert’s teaching statement here


Trisha Holt

Photography and video + Gallery director

Assistant Professor of Art Trisha Holt teaches photography and video production, and serves as Klemm Gallery Director. She uses photographic prints as props. Images are appropriated and altered, with echoes of YouTube videos or cult classic movies. Memory is displaced or contested, and what the lens sees is actually happening - though it appears uncanny.

You can read Trisha's teaching statement here.


Mad Mohre

Printmaking and Book Arts

Assistant professor of Art Mad Mohre teaches Printmaking & Book Arts, Graphic Design, and Foundations. Her process of making has been heavily influenced by ideas of play and various relationships between craft, the use of the miniature, sound, humor and installation. By addressing complicated subject matter through these devices, she more easily facilitates discussion. Stylistically, she is a Bauhaus junkie. 

You can read Mad's teaching statement here


Tim Van Beke

Sculpture and Ceramics

Associate Professor of Art Timothy Van Beke teaches ceramic arts, sculpture, and digital foundations. After receiving his MFA from Louisiana State University, Tim taught at a number of universities prior to Siena Heights, including LSU, Southeastern Louisiana State University, Texas A&M International University, and Georgia State University. Timothy’s work combines ceramic sculpture and painting to address issues of social biology and intimacy as they are impacted by evolving technologies.

You can read Tim's teaching statement here.


Whitney Sage

Painting & Drawing

Assistant Professor Whitney Sage teaches introductory and advanced-level painting and drawing courses at Studio Angelico. Originally a native of Farmington Hills, Whitney joins Siena Heights from previous teaching positions at Ohio University and the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center. Whitney's educational background includes earning Bachelor degrees in Art Education and Painting from Miami University and a Masters of Fine Arts in Studio Art from Washington University in St. Louis. A multidisciplinary artist at heart, Whitney’s studio practice combines the practices of painting, sculpture, installation and fibers to address urban history and the plight of midwestern rust belt cities.

You can read Whitney’s teaching statement here.

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