Q. What makes your program different than a traditional art school?

A. With Siena Heights being a small Liberal Arts school, faculty are able to give students the time and attention they need to blossom their skills and fully develop their creativity in a way that can be utilized for both personal and professional practice. With professors that specialize in fields like Digital Media, Graphic Design, Printmaking & Book Arts, Painting & Drawing, and Ceramics & Sculpture. Students of all creative interests can feel at home not only within Studio Angelico, but on the Siena Heights Campus at large.

Q. what is the difference between a BFA and a BA?

A. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is the professional degree that is recommended for anyone looking to become a professional practicing artist or designer, or planning to study art at the graduate level. Conforming to national standards published by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, our BFA degrees require many more studio courses, including at least seven courses in one studio area, and a solo exhibition in Klemm Gallery.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is ideal for anyone seeking a broad liberals arts education or who wants to complete a second major or minor. Minors in Business Management and Psychology are popular with Art majors who are interested in careers in arts administration or art therapy. The BA degree requires a solo exhibition in Gallery Ten.

Q. Why do you have a BFA in Studio art and a bfa in graphic design? What's the difference? 

A. The BFA in Art is the degree of choice if you want to focus your studies in areas such as Digital Media, (photography, video, animation and illustration) Graphic Design, Printmaking & Book Arts, Painting & Drawing, and Ceramics & Sculpture

The BFA in Graphic Design prepares you for a career as a graphic designer, and requires ten courses in various subfields of graphic design, including typography, publication design, corporate identity, UX/UI (web design), and an internship.

Q. WHat is studio angelico?

A. Studio Angelico is the name of the building the houses the Art Department at Siena Heights University. It is named after the famous 15th-century Dominican artist Fra Angelico.

Q. what kind of work do I need to show you when I'm applying?

A. High school seniors and transfer students who would like to major or minor in Art can schedule a portfolio review and campus visit during Arts Scholarship Days at Siena. Scholarships will be awarded to qualifying students. Pre-registration is required. Prospective students must be accepted to Siena Heights University before performing an audition.

It is highly recommended that you bring examples of as many different types of art as possible to your review, including drawings, paintings, photography, video, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, etc. While we prefer to see the actual work when we meet with you, we will also look at your photographs of a few additional works if they cannot be transported easily.

Q. What are Klemm Galery's hours?

A.  Klemm Gallery is open to the public Monday through Thursday from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M., and Friday through Saturday from 12 P.M. to 4 P.M. Please note: the Gallery is closed during the summer and during school holidays, and the Gallery hours vary for BFA exhibitions. Please refer to the students' exhibition announcements for specific hours during the winter term. We hope to see you at our next show!