Junior Critique: John Bucher

It's time for critiques!

John Bucher is a junior majoring in Painting & Drawing, and minoring in Graphic Design and Art History. He had his junior critique on Friday, November 10th. John's recent work revolves around the theme of internal sensations and how external influences can change one's identity--reflecting his interest in Expressionism and Cubism. Pictured below is John preparing for his critique, as well as some close-ups of his work. 

All Art majors seeking a BFA degree are required to have a Junior Critique. The purpose of this critique is to allow you to discuss your ideas for your senior show that you will create and present your senior year. Critiques are also a great time to reflect on your progress and to get feedback from all six members of the Art Department faculty, who spend a half hour focusing on you and your work. 

Peter BarrComment