Student Interview: Kathalene Blehm

It is the middle of the Fall Semester! Can you believe it? Time for another student interview! Madison LaRoy, a junior, sat down with transfer student Kathalene Blehm to see how he was liking Siena. Here is what he had to say! 


LaRoy: What is your major?

Blehm: Graphic Design.

LaRoy: Where did you transfer from?

Blehm: Jackson.

LaRoy: How are you liking Siena?

Blehm: I like it here. I like it a lot better than Jackson. I feel like I've learned a lot here. 

LaRoy: How does Siena compare to your previous school?

Blehm: I feel like at Jackson, I learned a lot of technical skills about the programs I'm learning. At Siena, I've learned a lot more about creativity and art. 

LaRoy: What is your favorite class?

Blehm: My favorite class would probably be Typography with Bob.

LaRoy: What do you love most about art?

Blehm: I just like expressing myself and doing something fun.

LaRoy: What are your plans after Siena?

Blehm: Well, I hope to get a job somewhere close to my home. Nothing really big. 

LaRoy: What is your dream job?

Blehm: Somewhere close to home. Hopefully making like $50,000 a year.

LaRoy: Why is art important to you? 

Blehm: Well I think art is an important form of entertainment and without art I would have a very boring life. 


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