Update on Studio 12!

The construction of Studio 12 is coming along! The room is nearly finished, and the art department plans to have it in use this semester! This space will be a great new addition to Studio Angelico, and students and faculty are very excited.

Plans for this project started many years ago. Studio Angelico only has one Mac Studio, and it is over-filled. Many digital art classes are held there, and some students are left without a computer. Due to the multiple classes happening throughout the day, other students can't use the studio to work. This had prevented the growth of programs. Having an additional Mac Studio will open more doors, and more classes can be offered.

 The new Mac Studio will be finished in 3 stages.

 Stage 1: Renovation and Furniture. This is the stage that is pictured below. The Maurice and Dorothy Stubnitz Foundation provided a grant to fund the necessary construction portion of the renovation, and the Art Department provided funds to purchase the tables and chairs. The unique shape of the tables allows for a more open environment.

 Stage 2: Computers. The next stage is installing the Mac computers and power poles. The IT Department provided the computers. This step is in process now.

 Stage 3: TV. The final stage is installing the 82" Samsung TV on the far wall. This will make lectures and presentations a breeze.

 After that, the studio will be ready to use!

 We would like to thank the Maurice and Dorothy Stubnitz Foundation who provided a grant to cover most of the renovation costs. Several alumni and friends of the Studio provided critical, additional support. We would also like to thank the IT Department who provided us with computers and who have worked very hard with the design and layout of this space. Finally, we would like to thank Siena Heights for supporting this project and our vision. Because of their generosity and combined efforts, Studio Angelico will have a new Mac studio that will open doors!

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