Update on Foundations II

In this Foundations course, students continue to build their portfolio with original works of art while exploring modern and contemporary art practices. The themes of this course are the body and time. For the most recent project students completed the "Vanitas Project," which was inspired by John Coplans' A Body, and Pat Steir's The Brueghel Series (A Vanitas of Style). A Body is a collection of nude photographs that Coplans took of himself, making a statement about age. The Brueghel Series is a still life painting split into sections, with each one painted in the style of another artist, making a statement about how styles of art come and go. 

For this project, students were assigned a panel from John Coplans' A Body, to paint, and were given an artist to research and to paint in that artist's style. Students first researched their artists and found their typical style features. They then prepared their support, a Masonite board, and lightly sketched their assigned section of Coplans' body onto the board, making sure it lined up with the panels next to theirs. After that, students painted an under-painting before painting their section of John Coplans' body in the style as the artist they were assigned. All of the paintings are completed and will be displayed in Gallery 10.

Peter BarrComment