Upcoming Senior Shows!


It is almost time for senior shows! Each spring, the Klemm Gallery provides graduating seniors in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program an opportunity to prepare and mount exhibitions of their work. Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree will exhibit their work in Gallery 10. Below is the list of graduating seniors and the dates of their exhibitions, as well as the dates of their oral defenses. At an oral defense, the student will state the meaning behind their show, and why they made the choices they did.

BFA Exhibitions:                                                           Oral Defense:

Parker Saenz            March 13-18                                  March 14       3:30pm

Tiffany Paraventi      March 20-25                                March 21       3:30pm

Anthony Fox             March 27- April 8                         March 28       3:30pm

Braelen Bader          April 10-15                                     April 11          3:30pm

Alissa Hamilton       April 17-22                                      April 17     3:30pm

Amber Koprin           April 24-29                                   April 25          3:30pm

Gallery 10:

Kellie Schudel          April 10-14

Daniel Orr                 April 17-22

Justis Madrigal        April 24-29


Senior Quotes

Parker Saenz

"I choose to work with photography and film because I love technology and the advancements that it goes through every six months. In addition to my fascination with the ever advancing range of technology involved, I feel that my eyes are the most effective tool I have when creating art, and using a camera helps me show my audience how I see the world. My best work involves pairing photography and film with performance art. Even in my show, the main subject is myself. Performing in front of the camera allows me to show others how I view myself.

The last two years of my life have given me the content for this body of work. I lost my sister little less than two years ago. This has completely changed who I am as a person, and how I see life. My life transitioned from being focused on someone else’s needs and protection, to being about myself. After twenty years spent making sure someone else was safe, I now have to focus on figuring out what is next and making changes to grow as a person. In this body of work I showcase the struggles of loss and the impact it has on life. Volleyball was important to my sister and my relationship, and by incorporating the figure and physicality of the sport into my work, I am creating emotional and physical ties within the visual art."


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