Gianni Chesnick at ArtPrize

Gianni Chesnick, a Siena Heights University Alum, showed his work at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan this year. ArtPrize is an international arts competition that takes place every other Fall.

Jackson Donovan, also a Siena Heights University Alum, made this short film about Gianni and his work. It gives you an inside look into Gianni’s process and inspiration, as well as a close look at his sculpture, Alinea.

“The best experience with exhibiting at ArtPrize was simply watching attendees interact with my piece. Over a thousand of hours went into designing, manufacturing and assembly and to watch others admire and understand the complexity was fascinating. Most artists stand next to their piece and talk out to people. I chose to stand away from my piece and watch from a far or when I was next to it, look inward as if I’m just another viewer to encourage individual exploration.” - Gianni Chesnick

Peter BarrComment