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An amazing new platform has been created called SaintsConnect!

What is SaintsConnect you ask?

SaintsConnect is a software platform that allows current students to connect with SHU alumni and supporters. It is also a great way for alumni to stay connected after graduation.

So what features does SaintsConnect have?

Current students can use this platform to search for alumni by major, job/career, location, or any key word. Students can reach out to alumni through the chat feature, or they can request a phone call. The phone call request sets up a conference call so no personal information needs to be exchanged. There is also a community feature that allows student groups to communicate, network, post discussions, videos, etc.

Why should I sign up?

This platform gives students the ability to reach out to alumni who are working in careers they are interested in and hearing about what it is like in that field. For example, let’s say you are an Art Major that just signed up for SaintsConnect. You can type in “Art” into the search bar and see what other graduates who studied art at Siena are doing. This platform is especially helpful for students who are undecided or need some direction. There are so many jobs out there that you may have never heard of! SaintsConnect can help you discover jobs within your major. Over 600 Siena Heights University Alumni have signed up to help students, because they wish a platform like this was available for them to ask questions.

Where do I sign up?

You can find SaintsConnect on the Career Services website (, the alumni page (, or the direct link (

Sign up today!

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