Senior Exhibitions 2019

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It is almost time for senior shows! Every winter semester, the Klemm Gallery provides graduating seniors in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program an opportunity to prepare and mount exhibitions of their work. Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree will exhibit their work in Gallery 10. Above is the list of graduating seniors and the dates of their exhibitions, as well as the dates of their oral defenses. At an oral defense, the student will state the meaning behind their show, and why they made the choices they did. Below are the titles of each exhibition, as well as press releases from each artist. Check back each week for more content!

BFA Exhibitions:

Skylar Keith: “Where Do You See Yourself”

Cordell Strong: “Two Hearts”

John Bucher: “The Night Show”

Steve Gonzalez:

KaCee Costello:

Austin Barnett:

Brandon Page:

BA Exhibitions:

Ariel Sheets: “Family, Theatre and Flowers”

Enoch Tsibu-Beckson:

Paige Dean:

Tim Ford:

Erin Blohm:

Press Releases

Skylar Keith

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Adrian Michigan Siena Heights University senior Skylar Keith will exhibit her show “Where Do You See Yourself” from February 19 through February 27 in Klemm Gallery in Studio Angelico on the Adrian Campus. Keith’s show includes photography, video and sculptural works. Her oral defense will take place on February 20. She will be hosting a reception on Sunday, February 24 from 4 – 6 PM.

Keith’s show represents the daily struggle of living with a mental disorder and how it effects your self-image. She speaks a lot about never expecting to grow up with issues such as body dysmorphia and depression.

In partial fulfillment of her Bachelors in Fine Arts degree, Keith said she wants others to see and experience the way she and others like her feel every day.

Keith is daughter of Stacy Roggelin of Erie Michigan. She is a 2014 graduate of Britton Deerfield Schools.

Gallery hours are 9 AM – 4 PM Monday – Friday. For more information visit or call (517) 264 – 7860.

Cordell Strong


Adrian, Michigan. Siena Heights University senior Cordell Strong will be exhibiting his show “Two Hearts” March 12-17 in Klemm Gallery in Studio Angelico on the Adrian campus.

Strong’s show is a compilation of written and illustrated work coming together to create a graphic novel.

His show is a reflection of the feelings of grief he’s experienced with the recent loss of his mother, Lynn Strong. In his exhibition statement Strong says “this is a story to remind me that everything will be okay.”

In partial fulfillment of his BFA degree, Strong says he’s expressing personal experiences through a fictional story.

Gallery hours are from 9am-5pm Monday-Saturday. Oral defense is Tuesday March 12, 2019 at Studio Angelico. For more information, visit or call 517-264-7860.

John Bucher

The Oasis.jpg

In partial fulfillment of the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Siena Heights University senior John Bucher, majoring in art and minoring in graphic design and art history, will have his exhibition, “The Night Show”, from March 19­ to March 24 at Klemm Gallery in Studio Angelico on the Adrian campus. Bucher’s show includes acrylic paintings on canvas of grotesque figures interacting in dynamic ways to elicit a subconscious and primitive response. Quoting from his exhibition statement, he writes, “The Night Show is a state of mind. The mysteries of the human psyche that govern our suppressed but true behaviors, thoughts, and urges, are represented, explicitly and implicitly, through the interactions of the personifications often provocative in their suggestions.” He will be having an oral defense of his work on March 20 at 3:30 PM and a reception from 5–7 PM on Friday March 22 with food and drinks provided. Gallery hours are from 9AM–7PM Monday–Thursday, 9–5 Friday, and 12–4 PM Sunday. For more information visit or call 517-264-2860.

Ariel Sheets

Jake Fall.png

Adrian, Michigan, Siena Heights University Senior Ariel Sheets, will exhibit her show “Family, Theatre, and Flowers” from March 19-24 in Gallery 10 in Studio Angelico on Adrian campus.

Sheets’ show includes photographs and an installation. Her show revolves around Robert A. Sheets Greenhouse, the place she grew up. Her grandparents and non provided her a place to expand her imagination and find her love of theatre.

In partial fulfillment of her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art, Sheets said she focuses on her family and friends, two of the most important aspects of her life, through her photographs and installation.

Sheets is the daughter of Ann Sheets and the granddaughter to Robert and Dorothy Sheets of South Lyon, Michigan. She is a 2015 graduate of South Lyon High School.

Gallery 10 hours are from 9am to 5pm Monday thru Friday, and from noon to 4pm Sunday. For more information email Sheets at

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