The Painting & Drawing Program provides students with the opportunity to develop a broad range of knowledge, skills and competencies in the media of drawing and painting. The program begins with Foundations Drawing and Introduction to Painting, which provide technical training while working from observation. Students in this concentration further build on their command of drawing and painting materials and knowledge of color theory in Life Study and Color Issues and Abstraction courses.

In the later courses in the Painting & Drawing sequence, students begin to experiment with mixing media and approach their work more conceptually. Students in the pivotal Collage and Mixed Media class consider how painting and drawing can take on forms beyond a two-dimensional surface, and in the final two courses, students work independently to develop a body of work for the BA or BFA exhibition. 

The Painting & Drawing program offers students the opportunity to develop and form a personal identity as an artist.  Students are also expected to research historic and contemporary artists as part of extensive journaling and class assignments.  Slide lectures and videos, museum and gallery visits, and/or guest artists supplement the regular class program.