Digital Media & Photography

The Photo & Digital Media Concentration (PDM) at Siena Heights allows students to explore various forms of digital media including:

·       Digital Photography

·       Video

·       Animation

·       Web & Extended Media

 With an emphasis on industry standard practice, the courses in PDM empower students to find their unique artistic voice through various modes of expression including commercial, abstract, narrative, documentary, and conceptual. The courses are small and dynamic, allowing for students to think critically about the technology, theory, and practice of these ever-changing new forms of visual communication.  Self-expression, creative inquiry, critical thinking, and experimentation become an important part of the classroom experience as students develop strong technical skills in tandem with strong conceptual ideas.

Our facilities include a state-of-the-art Mac studio, 16 high-end iMac computers with the Adobe Creative Suite, Epson professional quality printers, and various tools and equipment such as DSLR cameras, light kits, audio recorders, and animation stands.

PDM prepares students for careers as professional artists, web designers, commercial photographers, filmmakers, and so much more. Come play with us!

•    Learn the technical skills to use digital media in new, and creative ways

•    Engage in a fun and fast-paced studio environment designed to jump start your success

•    Explore new and evolving forms of digital media technologies

•    Prepare for high demand careers in digital media production or advanced studies

•    Play an active role in the impact of media on our society and culture