Associate Professor of Art
Graphic Design, Digital Art
MATS, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
MFA, Goddard College


Robert Conlon teaches graphic design and digital art.  His background in advertising injects professionalism and experience into his design classes.  A former rock musician and practicing theologian, he continues to have a wide range of diverse interests that include haiku, Bob Dylan, and Godzilla movies.

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Visit Bob's website at:  www.robertconlon.com



All of us need to learn about ourselves. We examine our own inwardness: our passions, our role, our giftedness, our spirit and soul—who we are. As we learn about ourselves, we are more able to understand the “objective facts” of anything else we choose to study. My goal as a teacher is to help facilitate this journey in each of my students. I attempt to give them a lot of what they might need to know in the professional design world, but only they can uncover the path to finding who they are as an artist and designer.


Conlon, Archaiku 5, 2012