Timothy Van Beke

Assistant Professor
Ceramics, Sculpture and Foundations
M.F.A. Louisiana State University

Timothy Van Beke teaches ceramic arts, sculpture, and digital foundations. After receiving his MFA from Louisiana State University, Tim taught at a number of universities prior to Siena Heights, including LSU, Southeastern Louisiana State University, Texas A&M International University, and Georgia State University. Timothy’s work combines ceramic sculpture and painting to address issues of social biology and intimacy as they are impacted by evolving technologies.

As an educator, I believe in everyone’s innate ability to express themselves creatively. My job is to ask the questions required to stimulate the creative process and to introduce the student to the materials, techniques and methodologies that will serve as the conduit for their unique ideas and perceptions of the world around them. This process requires a balance between guiding the student through the technical and conceptual while also allowing the student to experience their own successes and failures. In addition, with encouragement and praise, I strive to motivate and excite the student about the creative possibilities laid before them while always pushing the development forward through constructive criticism. I am a firm believer that art fosters creative problem solving, forces the student to look at the world through a different lens and above all teaches the student to always ask “what if…’