Assistant Professor of Art
Klemm Gallery Director
Digital Media
M.F.A Cranbrook Acadmey of Art

Trisha Holt is a visual artist and photographer interested in the physical properties of the photographic print and the possibilities of its reproduction as a way to address the power of images in contemporary culture. Her images are printed and positioned as life-size, topographical, and site specific installations which are then re-framed in new photographs or experienced as sculptural objects.

Holt has shown her work nationally in New York, Detroit, Seattle, and Arkansas among others. In 2012, she received her Masters of Fine Art, Photography at Cranbrook Academy of Art. Her work is represented by the David Klein Gallery in Detroit, MI. She is an Assistant Professor and Gallery Director at Siena Heights University in Adrian, MI.

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I encourage a research-based and experimental approach to image-making through the lens, the print, and the screen. We research in many forms – from theoretical texts, 90’s horror films, psychology, family history, and memes, and this broadens our thinking and knowledge and helps us to more fully understand and capitalize on the things that make us unique thinkers and makers. I start with a strong foundation in Photography and Video so you can operate the tool like an extension of your hand. The same goes for post-production editing and output to a print or a screen. We do rigorous demos, tutorials, and in class work to exercise these muscles until they become muscle memory. And then we start to break it apart! I encourage students to fail faster, in their gestures, concepts, and formal strategies. Failing faster is the best way to learn how the work is or isn’t working.

Ophelia , 2016

Ophelia, 2016